The Chicagoland area is legendary for its hauntings, and while tours have been available for years, they all had the same flaws in common; none of them allowed the paranormal thrill-seeker to see these sites at their own pace, on their own time.


Until Now.


Welcome to the only do-it-yourself tour of what some have called the most haunted stretch of roadway in North America.


Robert Miller is your virtual tour guide.  Just listen to the recording, follow the enclosed map, and we guarantee your CD player will never be the same!


Haunted Archer Avenue


This Audio tour unveils legends and lore from the suburbs of Lemont, Burr Ridge, Willow Springs, Palos Hills and Justice, Illinois. What sounds like hours of driving is really a collection of sites along a six-mile section of Route 171, known as Archer Avenue. There are also several nearby haunts off the beaten path that many tours leave off, or don't address. Fun for the whole family, that special someone, or anyone seeking a brush with the paranormal...

This region has been host to countless legends, some of which span centuries...this audio tour addresses only the best, the most recent, most famous, and most intriguing, including:



Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery


This Audio tour is the newest in the Reaper Madness Road Tour series, and focuses on a tiny desecrated, pre-Civil war cemetery... reputed as the most active paranormal hot-spot in Chicagoland for over fifty years. Deep in the woods, and accessible only on foot, this guided hiking tour also includes a GPS map, and will guide the daring to the cemetery, the foundations of two demolished houses, and other places only a select few paranormal investigators have ever witnessed. You can walk these grounds first hand, and see where these most famous Chicago legends were born! Legends like:


                  And Many More!!


Haunted Bachelors Grove is your backstage pass to what some have called the most haunted place in North America!


The Map

The narration and map are more than sufficient to get you to every one of these legendary places, but if your car is equipped with a navigational system, then you're in luck! Both of these fine audio products include an enclosed GPS map, listing Global Positioning coordinates for each site on the tour. Just punch the coordinates into your car's navigational system, and the tour will guide itself! Whether alone, with that special someone, or with a carload of supernatural fun seekers, visiting these birthplaces of Chicago folklore has never been simpler!

The Payoff


The best feature of the Reaper Madness Road Tour of Haunted Archer Avenue is that it gives you the opportunity to see these legends they way they were meant to be your own pace, and alone. There truly is a story for every season hear on Haunted Archer Avenue; now your excursions have the same freedom.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it's guaranteed...the more you look, the more you'll see.

Supernatural Tours Without a Net!


Click here to hear the Haunted Archer Avenue  bonus track entitled Peabody’s Tomb!!